Charcoal, as we all know, is the raw product we get out of burning wood. When treating charcoal using an extremely high temperature, the resultant substance is called activated charcoal. Activated charcoal, popularly known as activated carbon, is black powder from carbonated materials such as petroleum or wood burnt at flaming temperatures. And even though it is not documented, it has been speculated to have health benefits majoring in beauty. Some of the activated charcoal benefits include the following:

Activated Charcoal For Teeth Bleaching 

Many of the teeth bleaching products on the shelves today contain activated charcoal as the main component. It is an inexpensive version of brightening previously not so very good-looking teeth. . While its toxin-absorbing proponents may be relevant here, there is no documented proof to support its role in teeth whitening.

Activated Charcoal as a Face Mask

It is widely thought that activated charcoal can help to bring the microparticles under the skin such as dust oils and any other toxins to the top surface of the skin making cleaning the face easier. It is very popular with teenagers conscious about their out glance. Again, no proven assessment of this innovation but so what, a girl has got to glow right?

Activated Charcoal in Deodorants

Various retail chain stores have shelves stocked with activated charcoal deodorant. As charcoal is known for being able to absorb bad smells and odors, that alone makes it ideal for the underarm. With its adsorptive nature, it is thought to be able to absorb moisture as well as being able to control humidity. Body odors are unpleasant in all ways possible.

Activated Charcoal for Skin Infection

Traditionally, herbalists used activated charcoal to cure various types of skin diseases. In its powder form made from burnt down coconut shell script, they believe it is a perfect remedy for soft tissue injuries, like skin infections.
Nonetheless, most if not all these uses of activated charcoal are not scientifically substantiated. Ingestion of it in any way or form orally or otherwise might be detrimental to your health. Therefore, before administering activated charcoal, you require the approval of a certified physician.
Having activated charcoal as a choice destination of beauty products is still a work in advancement. With the ever-evolving innovations, it may soon have proven health or beauty advantages. But until we get there, keep in mind that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but in the end, choices have consequences.