Do you remember the good old days when you could use an avocado-banana paste to soften your hair? Some of us did this after seeing an older sister or aunt do the same without knowing the outcome. This was actually the time when there were limited beauty products in the market, and the ones available were super expensive.

Using these natural products for beauty has been around for centuries. Greeks, for instance, loved natural beauty and were always looking for ways to improve their appearance using products like horsetails as eyelashes, charcoal as eyeliners and so forth. As a matter of fact, the word cosmetics is derived from the Greek word ‘kosmetikos’. That said, here is a list of beauty products from the past that we can still make us of today.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used as a natural beauty product for over 5000 years. The Greeks, Egyptians and Romans used pure olive oil to treat skin conditions like acne and eczema. Today, olive oil is a top ingredient in hair products and body lotions.  You can also use a mixture of sugar and olive oil to get rid of dead skin on your lips.  So if you want to achieve natural beauty glow, consider using products made from olive oil. Better still, use pure olive oil for the best results.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is one of the beauty products that have stood the test of time.  Just browse some of the popular beauty products today and you will surely see sea salt as one of the top ingredients. You can use sea salt scrub an exfoliator. Sea salt can also be used as a dandruff treatment. And did you know that you can also use sea salt as teeth whitener? This may be good news for those struggling with teeth discolouration.  It can also add up as a natural mouth wash.


You probably had flu when young and mom offered a glass of warm water, honey and lemon. This, however, is not the only use of honey. If you have dry skin, just spread raw honey on the skin and rinse off after a few minutes. Apply a moisturizer and you will see wonders.  Honey can also be used to reduce wrinkles and brighten skin complexion. A mixture of lemon and honey can also make a perfect vitamin C treatment.


You might be surprised why eggs are included in the list. This is actually one of the cheapest beauty ingredients that you can find around. When used as a face mask, white egg will leave the skin tight and fresh. Protein in the egg is also helpful for dry skin. When mixed with olive oil and honey, eggs can also be used as a natural hair mask.